Westfood participates in training seminar and business connection in Vietnam

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26 March, 2021
Westfood broadens MD2 pineapple raw material area in Soc Trang
26 March, 2021

Westfood recently participated in “Online training workshop – connecting Vietnamese businesses with foreign distribution systems” organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The seminar is held online streaming live in Hanoi connecting with 22 broadcasting locations including: large distribution groups such as Walmart, Aeon, Central Retail, Lotte, Mega Market; Vietnam trade representative offices in the US, Japan, Korea, and Thailand; Departments of Industry and Trade of provinces in the country. The event drawn more than 200 businesses operating in the seafood, agricultural, and processed food industries to join and thousands of businesses to follow on live broadcast channels on Facebook and Youtube.

Speaking at the opening of the Workshop, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade – Do Thang Hai – said that this is a foremost activity over Vietnam producing and exporting agricultural & seafood, processed foods enterprises with the objective: upgrading manufactural and exported capacity for Vietnamese businesses; Interconnecting the exporting enterprises directly to  the purchasing departments of major distribution groups, especially during the Covid 19 epidemic, which seriously affected the domestic economy as well as the production and export situation of Vietnamese enterprises.

In the context of the disease Covid 19 still being erratic in Vietnam as also worldwide, as ever the necessity to hold the supply system and consumption markets stable, especially for everyday consumer goods such as Agricultural products and foodstuffs are an urgent need of distribution groups as well as of Vietnamese exporters.

At the meeting, Westfood plus more than 200 reputable import and export enterprises of Vietnam from localities were provided with information on technical processes and standards for Vietnamese products when exporting to foreign distribution system;  directly connected with the purchasing departments of major distribution groups such as Aeon, Lotte, Central Retail, MM Mega Market, and Walmart.

This is one of the stepping stones to help Westfood become a partner with major distributors, bringing the company’s existing products and new products into major supermarket chains across the country, step by step participating deeper into the value chain, the supply chain of goods across the country and globally.

Born in 1992, specializing in manufacturing , exporting canned and frozen fruit & vegetables products, Westfood aims to be the largest fruit processing and exporting company in Vietnam, meeting international standards, a model that builds a reliable image of Vietnam’s agricultural products in international market. Owning the advantage of located in the Mekong Delta – where the tropical fruits are produced, simultaneously creating a close connection between the factory and the fruit and vegetable farms of farmers, the input materials of Westfood have high quality and stable supply.

Westfood currently possesses the most advanced factory in Vietnam with 4 IQF lines and 2 pasteurized canning lines according to production technology and European standards. These lines are running at maximum capacity. Produced by modern technology, keeping the freshness, nutrition of vegetables and fruits as freshly picked, Westfood’s products have been accepted and enjoyed in demanding markets such as Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia as also many other countries and regions.