Westfood organizes training course on Mindfulness – Based Transformation and core values for employees

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5 February, 2021
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8 February, 2021

202From January 26th to 27th, 2021, Westfood successfully organized a training course on Mindfulness-based Transformation and core values ​​for leaders at all levels in Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city.

Attending the training course on the side of the Group included the participation of Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet – General Director of FIT Group, Mr. Nguyen Vu Loc – General Director of Westfood, the same management level of FIT Group, Head of departments and employees of Westfood company.


On top of the training contents of Mindfulness – Based Transformation, leaders at all levels, management ministries and staff are also trained in-depth on 06 core values ​​of Westfood, involving: 1 / People are the center and appreciate the right people; 2 / Responsibility and ownership spirit; 3 / Progressive non-stop; 4 / Commitment and discipline; 5 / Desire to win; 6 / Integrity.

After 2 days, the staff members, leaders at all levels participating in the course have been trained with content related to self-understanding and breakthrough, comprehending the importance of relationships and work, life cycle, from which overcoming all difficulties and barriers to change the mindset, prepaired to carry out various unfamiliar, tougher and groundbreaking jobs. The course helped build a foundation for a great progress for leaders and staff of Westfood, that is, unremittingly conceiving and acting innovatively. It is the breakthrough that will create positive achievements, shape the culture then the company’s leaders and staff could work more effectively

More to the point, the trainees were shared by two mountain climbers Phan Thanh Nhien and Nguyen Mau Linh in the process of conquering Mount Everest in 2008, from which each individual has drawn valuable lessons for themselves. In the coming period, Westfood proceeds to promote intensive training and capacity building for employees, towards the goal of strengthen Westfood into an effective, dynamic and creative working environment.

Improving and enhancing working capacity for staff steadily be the top concern at the Group as well as at its subsidiaries such as Westfood. Acknowledge the working capacity of each employee will put up the overall group capacity as also the core foundation for its development, Westfood organized a training course on Mindfulness – Based Transformation and corporate core values ​​for leaders and employees.

Some other pictures of the course: