Under a firm commitment of “Sustainable Development with Quality and Prestige”, WESTFOOD has been continuously making various fresh and nutritious products via a closed production line, which meets highest standards as follows

Research, make safe and nutritious food

WESTFOOD’s product development strategy has so far put consumers’ both physical and mental health and their safety above all. For this reason, we are always careful in every step of production process, ranging from product formula creation, input selection from seed to harvesting, closely management and supervision of processing, to design of packing in order to optimize the safety for customers. Our goal is to continuously improve quality and diversify products to meet the increasing customer’s requirements.

Safe input

Safety right from seed is the commitment of WESTFOOD. We believe that better seed selection together with healthy growth environment as well as qualified harvest will bring about the best inputs for WESTFOOD, to ensure the best flavor and nutritious products serving our customers.

  • WESTFOOD’ seeds are provided by prestige suppliers – the worldwide leading agricultural corporations and then studied to be adjusted and adapt to Vietnam’s agricultural conditions.
  • Cultivation process is closely supervised and managed. WESTFOOD never ceases for searching, studying and applying advanced technology of natural vegetables production for WESTFOOD’s material zones in the aim of high quality and productivity. Especially, we always strictly control pesticide residues.
  • In harvest season, we only harvest vegetables and fruits which achieve the perfect ripeness and nutrition. This process is carried out completely by hand to make sure that they are not crushed and damaged.

Processing with advanced equipment and technology

  • Right after harvested, vegetables and fruits are transported to our factory for processing and packing in the same day.
  • To ensure product’s excellent quality, WESTFOOD continuously research and invest in modern technology and equipment. We are proud of operating the most advanced production lines imported from US, Japan, Europe to catch up with worldwide leading production technology.

Quality management and supervision operated in line with international standards

WESTFOOD always prioritizes the management and control of product quality. We apply advanced management systems following HACCP food safety certificate, BRC certificate; KOSHER certificate and other food safety standards of USA, Japan and EU in order to closely and thoroughly control all steps of production to ensure West Food’s best product quality and safety.

Full and honest production information to consumers

WESTFOOD commits to fully and honestly provide product information such as ingredients, nutrition, and storage direction to fulfill the best consumers’ satisfaction.


WESTFOOD commits to continuously search and apply solutions using the resources and energy efficiently as well as mitigate negative impacts on environment surrounding.

Energy utilization efficiency

WESTFOOD is in a process to get the target of effective energy usage with solutions as follows:

Upgrading management quality of available energy sources

Boosting consumption of clean and renewable energy

Using economical lighting instead of old ones

Effective and economical usage of water sources

With perception that water is one of the most important natural resources, WESTFOOD pledges to use it effectively and economically. WESTFOOD continuously researches to find out new technology and processing method to consume water more economically.

Appropriate waste processing and controlling

For solid waste: Solid waste is classified into dangerous and safe ones kept in separate areas. Then they are collected by credit waste processing units.

For liquid waste: All sewage discharged during production, equipment cleansing and other WESTFOOD factory’s operations are transmitted and processed in the sewage processing system. WESTFOOD pledges that only processed water, which meet emission conditions, is discharged into public sewage system or environment. WESTFOOD always set aside annual investments for the improvement of waste water treatment system of the factory.

For air pollution: Emission discharged during fuel burning for steamer will be processed in line with emission conditions before any outside discharge.


WESTFOOD always associates the company’s developments with general development of local and national economy.

Development of vegetables and fruit farming

We focus on application of international advanced technology in vegetables and fruit farming to WESTFOOD’s material zones, make significant contribution to the development of Vietnam’s.

We also pay more attention to booting activities among farmers, including agriculture encouragement, technical training, introduction of good seeds and harmless insecticides.

WESTFOOD ensure sustainable output sources and apply procurement policies with firm commitments of stable quantity and competitive prices so that farmers’ benefits can be guaranteed.

Development of local economy

We always make effort to contribute to the development of local economy:

  • Investing in facilities to improve the local infrastructures.
  • Creating jobs and training local labor force.

Fulfilling all taxex and other obligations in line with the prevailing law.


The labor shall be respected and all contributions shall be acknowledged

With deep respect to individuals at all positions, we acknowledge that every individual plays an important role to the company’s development. Our respect for every employee herein also means deep respect to their expectations. At WESTFOOD, we do expect and are willing to support employees to discover their own passion in their jobs as well as create favorable conditions for them to work comfortably. Those who gain appropriate knowledge, skills and show great passion to their jobs are highly appreciated.

Employees’ contributions are always acknowledged by WESTFOOD. We apply an explicit and fair salary policy which ensures employees’ appropriate income worthy of their devotion and contributions.

We perceive that the act of honor and recognize the contribution of all the employees is an effective approach to inspire and motivate them to work harder. Therefore, we regularly celebrate ceremonies to not only commend their hard work but also impulse employees to perform creatively and effectively at WESTFOOD.

Safe working conditions and healthcare

WESTFOOD always spare no effort to preserve image of a company with safe environment and thorough healthcare for all employees:

  • Build a clean canteen with food safety conditions.
  • Build health centers in the office and factory.
  • Provide employees with protective uniforms and labor safety procedures.
  • Set up fire protection systems at all of operation locations and offer training of fire protection to all employees.
  • Employees’ benefits shall be entitled to the Code of Labor
  • The act of child abuse and forced labor is prohibited at West Food
  • Develop healthcare programs periodically


Human development

At WESTFOOD, we know the importance of human development to provide a positive and effective working environment. Therefore, annually, WESTFOOD sets aside an amount of budget for management, profession and labor safety training. We desire to create favorable opportunities and conditions for our employees to enhance their knowledge, develop themselves and devote to the company and community.