The amazing nutrients found in pineapples
25 October, 2021
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3 March, 2022

MD2 pineapple is a very popular pineapple in domestic and foreign markets, present in most of the major markets such as Europe, Asia, America… They have thin skin, succulent, bright yellow color, fragrant, re-flavored. extremely delicious.

In the world today, there are 3 groups of pineapple varieties: Queen, Cayene, and MD2. Queen is a Vietnamese pineapple variety that has been grown a lot since the old days, has the advantage of giving fruit with high sweetness, yellow flesh and aroma, but the disadvantage is that the fruit is very small, the number of trees per hectare can only grow about 40,000 – 45,000 tree due to spreading canopy.

Cayene pineapple has large fruit, suitable for industrial production, but the disadvantage is low sweetness, pale color, and less aroma. Meanwhile, Pineapple Honey MD2 integrates the advantages of both varieties.

Currently, MD2 is one of the pineapple varieties that dominates the market share of fresh fruit, available in most large and small supermarkets in European, Asian and American markets with big names such as DOLE, Del Monte, SIMBA…

MD2 Global Gap West Food meets Global Gap clean food standards, safe for consumers’ health. The pineapple is sweet and juicy, with little acidity (or almost no sourness). Pineapple has many different uses such as stir-frying with squid, cooking soup or eating directly after peeling, making juice. At the same time, pineapple is also a useful food for bones, joints, anti-aging, and cancer prevention.

Nutritional information:

  • Pineapple contains a lot of water, fiber, rich in vitamin C, natural sugar, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Manganese in pineapple helps to heal wounds quickly, regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Thanks to the combination of vitamin C, calcium and antioxidants, pineapple has an effective anti-inflammatory ability, reducing pain from arthritis, good for people with gout. Using pineapple also helps bones grow and maintain healthy.
  • Pineapple is extremely low in calories and saturated fat, mostly fiber and other vitamins and minerals. Therefore, many people often use pineapple during weight loss.
  • People who are sick or cold can use pineapple to relieve cough thanks to the active ingredients bromelain and vitamin C.
  • Pineapple is a fruit rich in vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the resistance, making the skin smooth and full of life.

Quality standards & certifications:

Global Gap is an internationally recognized set of standards for global good agricultural practice. The set includes 252 mandatory and recommended criteria.


  • Food safety and traceability.
  • Environmentally friendly, using only clean land and water.
  • ICM, IPC, QMS, HACCP standards.
  • Working conditions and occupational health and safety.
  • Minimize the use of fertilizers and only use in the permitted list.

User manual:

Pineapple can be used to make juice, blend, cook, eat directly.

Note: Should wait until the pineapple peel is ripe 2/3 to eat it will be delicious (about 2-3 days)

How to peel pineapple standard:

  • Wash around the pineapple and remove dirt, any remaining leaves to make it easier to peel the pineapple.
  • Use a knife to cut off the top end (the stem of the pineapple).
  • Place the pineapple upright, facing up, and use a knife to cut around the pineapple.
  • Cut off the remaining end of the pineapple.
  • To cut the pineapple eyes, start from the center of the pineapple: identify the pineapple eyes that are diagonally aligned and then cut off to form the main lines.
  • From the main diagonals identified, rotate the pineapple, then cut off all the pineapple eyes one by one.