R & D


At WESTFOOD, responsibility of producing high quality, fresh and nutritious as just-picked Canned and Frozen products is our top priority. Our slogan is “With WESTFOOD, you have your own fresh vegetable and fruit garden at home”.

During harvest season, only fruits and vegetables with qualified ripeness and sweetness are harvested. This process is carried out entirely by hand to ensure sanitation and perfect conditions for production.

After harvested, fruits and vegetables are immediately transported to the factory, processed and packed in the same day by automatic and modern machines, imported from developed countries such as the United States, Japan, Europe etc. At present, WESTFOOD possesses  3 IQF lines of European standards to serve for processing frozen products with capacity up to thousands kilograms per hour. With Canned factory, we use 2 most advanced canning lines and sterilization systems in Can Tho which is operated with more than 85% of design capacity. WESTFOOD’s modern machines and equipment systems are of the same level and standard as other manufacturers in South East Asia and can totally fill the orders from countries throughout the world.

Our company also pay high attention to R&D activities: R&D department is equipped with modern and advanced machines. Engineers are compulsory to take part in annually training programs. Our objectives are to continuously raise quality and diversity of the products to meet increasingly-high demands from customers.

Canned fruits are transported to the ports by specialized and synchronous logistics system. Besides synchronous production procedures and modern technologies, WESTFOOD is also directed and operated by the leaders with more than 20 years of experience in fruit and vegetable production and export area. Moreover, we have many skilled workers who have accumulated much experience in production. With the slogan SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WITH QUALITY AND PRESTIGE, we have daily produced and offered customers the most natural, nutritious and attractive products.

With WESTFOOD, you have your own fresh vegetable and fruit garden at home!