At WESTFOOD, we share a great passion for cultivating fruits and vegetables of excellent quality.

Located in Cuu Long Delta, where a rich diversity of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables is cultivated, WESTFOOD has its own material zone with high quality and stable yield. Cuu Long Delta is famous for being blessed by the nature which creates good conditions for farming, leading this area to be the largest fruit farming and the second largest vegetables farming region in Vietnam. Moreover, in this region, the abundantly alluvial water and soil sources, together with the prominent subequatorial humid tropical climate, create favorable conditions for cultivating and nurturing various varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Westfood pineapple raw material areas

During our development progress, we always care and manage to connect with the farmers of fruits and vegetables farms via several programs in which we support them with cultivating facilities, techniques and technologies. We also have financial support or procurement policy to guarantee benefits of the farmers by committing stable purchasing quantity and competitive prices. With such supporting programs, there is no doubt that a significant number of farmers have been accompanying with WESTFOOD for many years, and more than that, several families have been working with us from generation to generation.

Furthermore, we have been step-by-step investing in our own material zone to ensure stable input quantity. We never cease to explore, do research and apply new advanced techniques for organic fruits and vegetables cultivating from all over the world into WESTFOOD’s material zone to make our plants healthier, achieve higher quality and yield.  We particularly exercise strict controls over pesticide residues on raw materials. Therefore, our input materials for production of WESTFOOD are secured throughout the year and are of excellent quality thanks to efficient management from seedlings to harvesting and transporting to the factory.

In other words, WESTFOOD has been taking initiative steps in establishing a closed production process in order to diversify products and meet increasing requirements from domestic and international markets, not only for the large amount but also excellent quality. Nowadays, WESTFOOD is known as one of the manufacturers which owns the largest material zone for exporting agricultural products in Cuu Long Delta, Vietnam.