How many calories in coconut jelly? Eat fat? Is that good?
24 October, 2021
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25 October, 2021

According to the research results of nutritionists, in 100g of coconut jelly only about 92 calories, it can be seen that the calorie content in coconut jelly is not too high. In addition, coconut jelly also contains 1g protein, 0 fat and 15g carbohydrates.

With such a calorie content, is it fat to eat coconut jelly?

According to nutrition experts, an average adult will need to consume about 2000 calories per day to maintain body activities. If you eat 3 meals a day, the equivalent amount of calories needed for the body is about 667 calories.

Meanwhile, coconut jelly contains only 92 calories / 100g. This amount of calories is much lower than the amount of calories the body needs for 1 meal. Therefore, it can be concluded that eating coconut jelly is not fat. On the contrary, they also work very well in supporting your weight loss diet.

This is because coconut jelly is not only low in calories, but also rich in fiber, without fat and cholesterol. The abundant fiber content in coconut jelly works to help you feel full faster and longer after eating. Thereby, helping you limit the intake of other foods.

In addition, the micronutrients and vitamins in coconut jelly also work to help strengthen the resistance, promote the body’s metabolism. In particular, it is very effective in supporting the burning of excess fat.

In addition, the fact that you eat coconut jelly at snacks or in the afternoon, can also help you reduce hunger and fatigue. As well as not being loaded with too many calories, helping you maintain weight and not gain weight.

Although it has a very good effect on weight loss, to take advantage of the weight loss benefits of coconut jelly thoroughly, you must use it properly. Accordingly, the effective way to lose weight with coconut jelly that you can refer to is:

  • You should not only eat coconut jelly or replace the main meal, but you should combine yourself with a reasonable diet.
  • Eat coconut jelly reasonably, every day do not eat more than 50g.
  • Do not eat coconut jelly before going to bed, because coconut jelly can make you have a cold stomach, indigestion, etc.
  • When eating coconut jelly, you do not add sugar, if you make your own coconut jelly at home, you should limit sugar when making.

In addition to eating coconut jelly, you also need to combine yourself with a scientific exercise regimen for the best weight loss.

Note:  Besides paying attention to how to eat coconut jelly to lose weight, when you eat it, you also need to pay attention to buy it at a reputable establishment. When buying, you need to learn carefully about ingredients, labels, expiry dates, … to make sure that coconut jelly will not harm your body.

Which coconut jelly is good?

Currently, Mien Tay Food Export Joint Stock Company (Westfood) – one of the leading brands in import and export of canned fruit in Vietnam is considered as one of the reputable enterprises supplying canned coconut jelly. export cans. With modern processing and machinery, canned coconut jelly is one of the company’s products that is popular abroad and highly appreciated by consumers. Consumers only need to buy, turn on the lid and use it to have fresh coconut jelly to prepare daily dishes for the family.


Westfood canned coconut jelly is fresh and full of nutritional value