WESTFOOD’s products have been consumed and enjoyed in many countries and continents in the world such as Japan, Korea, United States, European countries, Australia, New Zealand, …Most of Westfood customers are prestige food importers, large distributors and food services along with large restaurants and supermarket chains in the world such as AEON, ALDI, KOBE BUSAN, SHOEI, KATAOKA, CARGIL, TOYOTA TSUSHO, HOUSE FOOD, ERUM, FOODYA, ILMI, NETRA AGRO, NATIONAL FOOD, I.SCHROEDER, KREYENHOP + KLUGE, MERCER FOODS, BRECON, WORLD FOODS & FLAVORS, ….

With the advantage of self-control of material zones, modern technology and machinery, diversified R&D activities, skillful workforce with passion for dedication, we are confident to become a reliable partner, not only bring value to the enterprise but also for all our partners, with the motto: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WITH QUALITY AND PRESTIGE.